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Webinar Training

Check out a variety of webinars available through National CASA. They are available on-demand to fit your busy schedule.


And be sure to complete a training log for the webinars you view so you'll get credit towards your 12-hour annual requirement.

Volunteer Resources


If you sometimes feel like you are swimming in a bowl of alphabet soup, as you read through various reports for your case, this tool is for you.  Click here for definitions of acronyms used in Child Welfare and related fields.


Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Advanced Recovery Systems offers information and specialized treatment for teens.

Archived Training

Educational Services for Kids in Foster Care

Hear from Cathy Ebel, with School District 51, about the services available to kids in foster care.

Drowning in Empathy: The Cost of Vicarious Trauma

Amy Cunningham- Ted Talk

Caregivers and emergency responders are empathetic individuals who risk suffering from Compassion Fatigue, a form of PTSD that is treatable using the steps described in this presentation.

Writing Court Reports

Online Training

Twelve new Victims Assistance Online Training Modules are available through the Office of Victims of Crimes. This is a great way for CASA volunteers to complete their 12 hours of ongoing training required each year. Topics include:

  • Children and Youth

  • Homeless Victims

  • Impaired Driving

  • Teen Relationship Abuse


For more information about these free online courses click here.

Self-care: Nurturing Your Inner Victims' Advocate

Dr. Michelle Sunkel

A PowerPoint about self-care and how CASA volunteers can deal with the secondary trauma they may experience.


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